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efratshadmiResearch Interests:

  • Health services research
  • Quality of care and outcomes
  • Equity in health and health care
  • Chronic illness and multi-morbidity
  • Risk adjustment and predictive modeling
  • Integration of care across care settings

Academic Rank: Associate Professor

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1995-1999  University of Haifa, The Cheryl Spenser Department of Nursing; R.N., B.A.

2000-2005  Johns Hopkins University, The Department of Health Policy and Management; Ph.D. (Direct Doctoral Studies)



Articles in Refereed Journals:

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Authored Books – Published:

  • Shadmi, E. Ben-Sasson, A., Drach-Zahavy, A., Sachs, D., & Roe, D. (2015). Evidence Based Practice: Theory, Practice, and Critique – A Users' Guide. Pardess Publishing. 165pp. [Hebrew]


Edited Books and Special Journal Issues – Published:

  • Shadmi, E. Editor. Multimorbidity and Equity in Health. The International Journal for Equity in Health. 2013. A collection of 11 papers, 80pp. Editorial – D26. [IF=1.80, 5-yr IF=2.16, Rank=51/147 in Public, Environmental, & Occupational Health (Q2), V]


Articles or Chapters in Scientific Books:  

  • Shadmi, E. Oncology care at the interface between hospital and community care in Israel. In: Schuldt, L.M. (Ed) Improving Communication during Transitions. Oakland, Illinois: Joint Commission Publications. Pp134-135.
  • Shadmi, E., Kinder, S. Weiner, J.P. Effects of Multimorbidity on Healthcare Resource Use. In: Mercer, S., Salisbury, C., & Fortin, M. ABC of Multimorbidity. Pp12-17. 

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