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Research Interests:

  • Policy development
  • Quality of care
  • At risk populations
  • Pediatrics

Academic Rank: Lecturer

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2000-2004 University of Haifa & the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology, The Cheryl Spencer Department of Nursing; B.A.
2007-2010  University of Haifa, School of Public Health: Health Systems Management; M.H.A
2010-2014  University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill,School of Nursing: Health Care System; PhD
2014-2015  Clalit Heath Care Provider, Clalit Research Institute; Post-doctoral Fellow
  • Zisberg, A., Shadmi, E., Sinoff, G., Gur-Yaish, N., Srulovici, E., & Admi, H. (2011). Low mobility during hospitalization and functional decline in older adults. Journal of the American Geriatrics Society, 59(2), 266-273. (IF=4.216; Geriatric & Gerontology 6/49; Q1, V)
  • Zisberg, A., Shadmi, E., Gur –Yaish, N., Sinoff, G T., Srulovici, E., & Shochat, T. (2012). Hospitalization as a turning point for sleep medication use in older adults: prospective cohort study. Drugs & Aging, 29(7), 565-576. (IF=2.503; Geriatric & Gerontology 23/49; Q2, V)
  • Srulovici, E., Ore, L., Shinwell, E. S., Blazer, S., Zangen, S., Riskin, A., Bader, D., & Kugelman, A. (2012). Factors associated with iatrogenesis in neonatal intensive care units: An observational, multicenter study. European Journal of Pediatrics, 171(12), 1753-1759. (IF=1.983; Pediatrics 35/118; Q2, V)
  • Golfenshtein, N., Srulovici. E., & Deatrick, J. (2015 [in press]). Reducing Parenting Stress in Families with Pediatric Conditions- An Integrative Review. Journal of Family Nursing (IF=1.568; Nursing 22/107; Q1, V)
  • Golfenshtein, N., Srulovici, E., & Medoff-Cooper, B. (2015 [in press]). Investigating parenting stress across diverse pediatric illnesses- A systematic review. Issues in Comprehensive Pediatric Nursing (IF=NI; Q2)


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