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As pain is a subjective experience, experiments on healthy volunteers are needed to bridge the gap between animal and clinical research.


Models of the clinical pain phenomena have been developed using psychophysical methods in an attempt to quantify and better understand the perception of pain and the basic mechanisms underlying it. Then the methods are implements in clinical pain condition studies.

Objectives of the laboratory:

  • To apply quantitative techniques to induce experimental pain in humans.
  • develop techniques to assess the responses to pain.
  • To identify factors affecting and predicting pain perception.


The experimental studies consist of the following interdisciplinary components:

  • Physiological
  • Pharmacological
  • Psychological
  • Social

This laboratory unique approach enables the development of new research directions that will lead to the development of novel therapeutic approaches.


Following are selected research projects in which the laboratory is now engaged:

  • Personality traits and pain perception
  • Genetic factors and pain perception
  • Competitive sensory stimulation, cognitive tasks and pain
  • Attention / distraction and pain perception


Inhibitory control mechanism