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Towards Better Health and Health Care for All.

The Cheryl Spencer Institute for Nursing Research is the first nursing center in Israel devoted to research and located within an academic department. The Center's main goal is to identify, examine and analyze complex issues involving nurses and nursing science, their clinical practice, and their professional evolution, as well as to develop innovative practices and health care delivery systems that increase the quality of health care services provided to the community and to the individual.  To accomplish these lofty goals, the Center is ready to lead broad-based, multidisciplinary, and multi-national studies that strengthen, inform and expand the field of nursing.


The Cheryl Spencer Institute of Nursing Research will seek to:

  • Serve as a world-class institute adopting an interdisciplinary perspective to elucidate complex issues in nursing science and leadership to promote health, wellness, and health care of individuals and communities.
  • Contribute to nursing science by developing cutting edge research, theories and methodologies.
  • Develop international collaborations to formulate new knowledge and perceptions on contemporary nursing and health related phenomena.